The use of photos by Buffalo on their website has clearly been very carefully considered.

Buffalo Systems Clothing

Screenshot of the homepage from

The trend of using large photos in web design isn’t new but examples such as this prove just how effective it can be.

The composition of this shot is interesting too. The subject is small and off centre in the frame but faces the navigation, and as such draws attention to it.

The photo also communicates escapism, the wild and also poor weather - all things that Buffalo want to associate themselves with.

Additional messages that Buffalo wish to convey to potential customers through their photography are quality, craftsmanship, heritage and ‘UK’ amongst other things.

They use photos to do this quite brilliantly as you can see on the 'About’ page.

The 'About Buffalo clothing' page

Screenshot of the 'About’ page from

Photos are a brilliant asset to use to tell stories. Buffalo use customer stories as testimonials to the quality of their products.

The photos add both credibility and evidence to support the stories.

They also help the viewer to imagine themselves in that situation and to consider how important good clothing will be in that situation.

Customer stories on the Buffalo website

Screenshot of the 'Stories’ page from

Yet more proof (if needed) of the impact that photos can have when used effectively!

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