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I’m delighted to announce that I’m writing ‘Usability of web photos’ which will be out in the new year.

The book is one of the new 5 Simple Steps 'Pocket Guide’ series.

“Coming from Five Simple Steps in January 2013, Pocket Guides are concise ebooks, focusing on specific and timely aspects of web design and development, each written by experts in the industry – and all for the price of your favourite coffee.”

This concise eBook talks about photos in terms of usability for what I believe is the first time.

I discuss what the qualities of a usable photo are, share case studies of where I have seen photos have a significant impact upon the user experience and propose a new framework to use to evaluate the usability of web photos.

A blog celebrating photos, the unsung heroes of great user experience design, by James Chudley (@chudders)

My 60 page 'Usability of web photos' ebook is available for only £2 / €3.50 / $3.50.

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