It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that my new eBook ‘Usability of web photos’ is now available to buy from Five Simple Steps (£2).


I believe that this is the first book of it’s kind on this topic.

I’m particularly excited because within it I share my new photo usability checklist (Excel, 83kb). It is a simple tool for you to use to evaluate the usability and effectiveness of photos in your own work.

The book will appeal to anyone who wants to learn more about the impact that the photos are having within their digital product or service. It will also be useful for photographers to use to help them to plan to take more effective and usable photos. 

Within the 60 odd pages of the book I cover:

Part 1 - What are usable photos and why are they so important?

I explain what I mean by a usable photo and introduce some of the psychological reasons behind why they are so important.

Part 2 - Photo usability stories from the coalface

In every research project I see usability problems with photos. In this chapter I share some of my favourites.

Part 3 - How do you know if a photo is usable or not?

I have developed a photo usability checklist for you to use to evaluate the usability of photos in your own projects. In this chapter I introduce the checklist and explain it in detail.

Part 4 - The digital design process and web photo usability

I interviewed a commercial photographer and a digital designer to understand the issues they face when producing and working with the photos that we see online. This chapter identifies some of the problems that we face in typical design projects that directly impact upon the photos that end up on the web.

Part 5 - User-centred design techniques to improve photo usability

In this chapter I share some techniques that I’ve used during user centred design projects that have helped to improve the usability of the photos that were selected for the final product.

A cut of the book is being donated to Children in need.

I hope you enjoy it, drop me a line via @chudders to let me know what you think of it

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My 60 page 'Usability of web photos' ebook is for sale on Amazon for the price of a coffee.

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